Virtual Collaboration

QUBE is a virtual immersive business school developed by Pentacle and enables better ways of working including developing innovative ideas, delivering change at speed, changing behaviours and helping collaborate across boundaries. It also helps avoid the cost and waste of having to leave the office or clinic for meetings and workshopsice_screenshot_20161010-135945

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Cutting through the myths


Not enough hours in the day to start a new project?

Projects on QUBE are delivering up to to 4 times faster & saving around 50-65% effort compared to traditional projects.

No time to learn new things?

On QUBE you will learn a vast array of practical tools to use in every day life while simultaneously delivering your project. Its called “learn & do” ware.

Too busy to think of working differently?

Imagine a world with no travel, no meetings to arrange, no papers to produce. On QUBE we have regular drumbeats, we keep everything we do on QUBE so there is only one version of the truth, we don’t need to email, prepare agendas, version control documents, write up workshop outcomes. We just get on with the job. And we do it in a fair  & open way that encourages all members of the team to participate equally and in a way that encourages creative problem solving.

Stuck on solutions?

QUBE has an innovation model that helps you develop new ideas. It helps you work out why you are stuck, how you can fix it, what will give you the most benefit for least effort. You can even do a business case in 30 minutes.

Wonder why some of your stakeholders don’t always agree with your approach?

QUBE encourages early engagement with stakeholders in the collaborative development of ideas to ensure the end solution is what’s needed. And all this can be done without the need for big workshops or travel. We just invite our stakeholders to join us for a short workshop in our virtual environment.

Project Examples

QUBE is now being used across a number of areas in the NHS in Scotland to support the innovation landscape. Due to the growing number of users of QUBE, Pentacle have sponsored  QUBEx  a virtual TEDx type event supporting innovation in health. These events are partnered by DHI, the NHS innovation leads and Scottish Enterprise

The NHS corridor of QUBE change projects include:

Qubicle Name Project Organisation Sponsor(s)
NHS NUTIN Scottish Urinary Tract Infection  network- study NSS Jane McNeish / Lisa Ritchie
NHS Market Garden Data linkage to support self management of health NSS Hester Ward
NHS Right First Time Improving blood transfusion safety NSS Sandra Gray
NHS the Lab Accelerating change training qubicle NSS Fiona Genasi
NHS Innovation projects NSS QUBE network qubicles NSS Fiona Genasi
NHS Potting shed Developing an Innovation Framework NSS Tammy Watchorn
NHS No Delays Extending No Delays: Content &  Health Boards NHS Grampian Jamie Hogg
NHS NoSPG Core team planning for North of Scotland Regional planning NoSPG Jim Cannon
NHS Regional Clinical Strategy Developing and implementing a regional clinical strategy for the North of Scotland NoSPG Kerry Russell
NHS TCAT Running the Transforming Care After Treatment projects for the North of Scotland NoSPG Keith Farrer
NHS ROCB Supporting the Regional Oncology project in the North of Scotland NoSPG Jim Cannon
NHS Shetland Electronic Health Record across the Board Shetland Sarah Taylor
QUBEx Stage Open space for TEDx type events focussing on improving Health & Wellbeing Pentacle/NHS Sponsor: Eddie ObengPartners: DHI, SE, NHS innovation leads
NHS NUTIN2 Phase 2 – Stakeholder Workshops NSS Lesley Shepherd
NHS Orkney Delayed Discharges NHS Orkney Christina Bichan
NHS Innovation cluster Innovation Cluster Steering group NHS Andrew Fowlie
NHS Leading Better Care Leadership development – Nurses NHS Noreen Kent
NHS team drumbeat Facilitator training for team drumbeats on QUBE NSS David Stirling
NHS Innovation Training Innovation training course on QUBE NSS/NHS David Stirling
NHS eConsult Piloting virtual GP consultations NHS24/SG Anne Reoch
NHS Innovation Visualisation Sign posting external innovations to NHS needs NHS cluster Tam Watchorn